What, How, Where?


At the central region Dereos Plaza there is a information and meeting place. From here you can explore the grid.

Who is responsible for what?

Akira Sonoda - Administration sim and grid
/ Softwareengeneering

Freaky Tech - Administration grid / Softwareengeneering

LyAvain Swansong - Graphic / Questions about building

Victor Clary - Questions about building

Samira Samtanko - Gridradio

Vivienne Clary - Infos and help

Alira Vigrid - Infos and help

New or special places

New in the grid... Valhal. Home of Alira Vigrid. A shop for decoration, interieur for a few other things.

What is happening?

Mondymeeting - Every monday from 20 clock CET at the Akibar at DeReOS Plaza or after a announcement at a different location.

Mittwochsparty - Every wednesday party from 21 clock CET with Samira at the region Bluewave

Interesting things

Here you can read if something earth-shattering happened (doomsday, or lack of coffee for example).


Where can you sit and chatter?

Landingpoint - Dereos Plaza

Akibar - Dereos Plaza

The Pool - Lys Sandbox

Eiscafé Tudor - PSSMG Mall

Vivi's Haunt - Vivi's Treff

Germania Plaza - Landingpoint

Malons Riverboat - Home of Malons Riverboat